Corporate speak may work in the corporate world (or not). But use that style of communication with the guy running his own business, trying to meet customer demands, managing inventory, balancing his books, troubleshooting his equipment, and fixing his own toilets, all while coaching youth soccer, and you’re going to miss the mark.

Independent business owners are a different breed. They make great sacrifices and work long hours, just to be free from the corporate world and live the American Dream. These owners don’t have time to sort through meaningless content. They aren’t inclined to fix what’s not broken. And they’re hyper-sensitive to ‘being sold’.

I know because I’ve been that business owner since I was a teen. As the saying goes, “It takes one to know one”.  This background  makes me uniquely qualified to identify, and speak to, the true heart of your prospect.


If you’ve been struggling to connect – really connect – with your customers and prospects, consider a copywriter that’s owned and operated her own businesses. As the daughter of a photographer, I grew up in a family photography business and spent over 25 years as a photo retouch artist. I spent five years running a sporting goods store which incorporated an ongoing embroidery and imprint business.

Over five years experience in the banking world has giving me an intimate look into the heart of small and large business.

In recent years, I have worked along side my husband in our machine shop, making parts for the nuclear industry. I have hands-on experience in the industrial world of regulatory requirements, safety, and customer satisfaction.

All of these experiences have given me valuable insight and a passion for customer service.

Today I provide professional copywriting services to companies that market to independent business owners – just like I’ve always been.

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