As a B2B copywriter, my job is to provide you with the written content needed to take your business to the next level. Imagine the relief to your staff to have a reliable resource for content creation.

Some of the areas that you may require my services are:

To Increase Leads

Your company relies on lead generation to keep the flow of new prospects coming. I’ll write the content that prompts prospects to fill out those contact forms with compelling lead generation offers in ezine ads, website pages, and direct mail.

Attract More Customers

Improved branding and business image means more customers. More customers means more growth. Through enticing advertisements, direct mail, sales pages, and website content, your company will stand out in the crowd.

A strong social media presence and a quality blog have become must-haves.  They can be time consuming to create and maintain. I can take that off your plate.

Promote Products and Services

Once a lead is captured, your sales force needs marketing materials. I can craft benefit-rich product descriptions, brochures, and sell sheets.

Many companies are using  case studies, white papers, and other long form content to provide credibility to their products and services and introduce new technologies. Though time consuming to produce, the rewards are invaluable.

Improve Client Relations 

It’s not enough to get the sale. Keeping existing clients happy and engaged takes ongoing efforts. Through the use of social media, email, newsletters, and blogs, you can bring value to your clients and position yourself as the company of choice. Happy customers refer others…

If you would like to learn more about outsourcing any of these services to a copywriting professional, take a look at the Next Steps