You’ve decided that working with a professional copywriter might be the right way to go. Let’s talk.  The following steps are the process I use to ensure the best possible outcome for your project.

Step 1 Let’s Talk!

Once we’ve chatted about your business goals and why you may need my services, I’ll email over a Client Questionnaire. (Wait! Don’t run away. It’s not as bad as it sounds, and it’s important.) This Questionnaire will help all parties clearly define the purpose and scope of your project.

You’ll want to return this to me as quickly as possible so we can get the ball rolling. (We can accomplish this by phone if you prefer, but most folks need time to carefully consider the answers.)

Step 2 Let’s Get Down to the Nitty Gritty.

Once I receive your Questionnaire answers, I’ll put together a Proposal & Agreement for your approval detailing deliverables, deadlines, investment, and payment schedule. This will take 2-7 days, depending on complexity. During this process I may contact you to clarify additional details.

Once approved, I require a minimum 50% deposit to begin work. We can discuss the various payment options available. (Retainer agreements are a different animal, but may be the best deal for you if appropriate.)

Step 3 — Let’s Get Busy!

To be sure I have all the information and tools necessary to best represent your company, I will ask that you send me any product samples, spec sheets, sales materials, customer data, and anything else available that will  help me to better know and understand your products, services, and prospects.

At this time we will conduct a Discovery Call were we review the project goals and I’ll listen to any additional directions and insights you have on the project. (This step may not be needed for small, previously clarified projects.) If there are multiple personnel or departments involved, this is the time to include them. After this point, you will want to assign one spokesperson as my contact. This avoids mixed messages and possible confusion or time delays.

Step 4 — Let the Magic Begin!

I will now dig in and produce the needed copy. (That makes it sound simpler than it actually is.)

I’ll submit a first draft for your approval within all deadlines, according to our agreement. It would be prudent to have all involved personnel review the first draft, including your legal department if appropriate.

Final payment is due upon delivery of first draft. Included are two rounds of edits and revisions if needed.*

*I guarantee my work within the scope of the original agreement. Any changes to the scope or nature of the project may be considered a new project, and a new proposal submitted.

How I Write

Ok, if you must know, it looks a little like this: Research, research, notes, research, more notes, blurbs of text, research, more notes, more blurbs, shuffle-shuffle-shuffle, edit, edit, edit, edit… you get the idea.

Seriously, it’s a process. Like a fine meal, the process is messy, but the results are divine. Don’t worry, I’ll do the dishes.

Of course you’d probably like to see samples of my Work.