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When I turned four, I asked my parents to buy me a typewriter for my birthday. Not the typical pre-schooler gift, I know, especially since I couldn’t even read yet. But my parents indulged me. I would sit happily typing away until the paper was filled. Then I would take it out and search for “real words” in the jumbled mess.

And so my love of word-craft began.

By fourth grade, I was staying in during recess to write poetry in the dark, quiet classroom while my peers twirled around on the monkey bars.

My fascination with words continued, even as I home schooled my five kids. One of my greatest joys, and theirs, was when I would read aloud to them. (Or as my toddler-aged middle child would say when he laid a book in my lap, “Talk to it, Mommy”). I’m proud to report they all became excellent writers.

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Please understand, word-craft is not about being crafty. It’s about doing research and asking questions. It’s about understanding the audience and knowing what’s important to them. It’s about designing a flow of words that teach, inform, and inspire. It’s not only art, it’s science.

There are only 26 unique letters in the English alphabet. Arrange them haphazardly, like the typing of a four-year-old, and you say nothing. But arrange them just right, and you can communicate any thought or idea. You can make someone laugh or cry. You can cause people to think deeply and consider new ideas. You can awaken feelings and emotions. You can motivate someone to trade time and money for products and services.

As an independent business owner most of my life, marketing has been a must. In today’s digital world, marketing has become an ever expanding opportunity to explore new and better ways to reach out and use words in powerful ways, without losing the tried-and-true methods that still get the job done.

Today I enjoy word-crafting as a profession. I appreciate the opportunity it offers me to work with many interesting people in a variety of industries. I value the flexibility I have to work anywhere my laptop can go. When I’m not at my computer, I’m enjoying an active life with my husband and family. 

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